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Hi!I am Lugu

Hey, I am lugu!

Hey, I am lugu or zhegu! I am a freelance designer,espical in web design. I have fullful experience in web design,my project include in medical,goverment,company,b2c,commerce,Beauty contest area ,etc.

why i set up this website/blog

  1. 1.share my design experience and thinking...
  2. 2.share my photo with you...
  3. 3.write down my lifetime...
  4. 4.enhace myself to learn more...
  5. 5.make more friend ...
  6. 6.provides services to organization,people,enterprise who need web design

My Technical Skill

what service i could provide?

  1. 1、company visual identity design
  2. 2、enterprise website interface
  3. 3、icon design
  4. 4、html/Css/Jquery code or wordpress mockup